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10 September 2004: Genesis Probe Update

Editor's note: According to an update given by Al Diaz, AA for Science, on NASA TV this morning, the desert floor was "a little more resilient" than NASA had thought - and there is some hope that much of the scientific data can be recovered. 2 of 3 collector systems were recovered either intact or broken - but still useful for science. Only the foils on the outside of the sample canister were substantially damaged. As such, according to Diaz "there will be some scientific return". More details will be discussed at a press conference which has been rescheduled for 1:00 pm EDT today.

9 September 2004: Images of NASA Genesis Recovery Effort, NASA
8 September 2004: NASA Administrator Says Exploration is Difficult - But Essential, NASA
8 September 2004: View Video of Impact (6.4 Mb QuickTime)

8 September 2004: Mars May Have Had Large Sea Near NASA Rover Landing Site, UC Boulder

"Data from the Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey spacecraft now show that the region surrounding the Opportunity rover's landing site probably had a body of water at least 330,000 square kilometers, or 127,000 square miles. That would make the ancient sea larger in surface area than all the Great Lakes combined, or comparable to Europe's Baltic Sea."



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