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From: "Tooley, Craig R. (GSFC-4510)
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 23:11:08 -0500
Conversation: LRO Launch Date - Clarification
Subject: RE: LRO Launch Date - Clarification

The official NASA Flight Planning Board position is the LRO/LCROSS launch date is NET 6/2/2009. We will plan for this and this is consistent with the launch vehicle schedule we integrate our schedule to. But there is still an open trade concerning LCROSS science that could push it to the second June window which opens June 17th. The LRO team should work to 6/2/2009.

My apologies for any confusion I have promulgated.


Editor's note: According to the Planetary Socety's blog: "I got an email late yesterday from David Kass, one of the members of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Mars Climate Sounder team, forwarding a report he had just issued to the rest of the orbiter's science and operations teams. In brief: over the last few days Mars Climate Sounder has detected sharply rising temperatures in some regions of the atmosphere, strong indications that normal regional dust activity in the south is escalating into what may now be a planet-encircling dust event. (If you're wondering why David contacted me with this update, it's because The Planetary Society is the official education outreach partner on the Mars Climate Sounder investigation ..."

Cool stuff, yes? Well then why is this important scientific research information from a taxpayer-funded spacecraft not being provided to the news media by JPL PAO? I see no mention of it at the official NASA website here or here or at JPL's main website. If Planetary Society has the responsibility for getting news out to the media they sure stumbled on this.



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