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Editor's note: For those of you who still can't get enough Sean O'Keefe bean counter jokes ...

Editor's note: We all know that the food sucks in orbit. We also know that folks in the MCC can get rather bored at times. Have you ever wondered what sort of behaviors result when these two factors interact?

Editor's update: I posted a link to this video on 26 January. The last time I checked, the view count went from 13 to 2,058 last night. Now the video (someone innocently riding a unicycle at DFRC) has been pulled - no reason given. The activity depicted was perfectly harmless. Indeed, I have seen people riding "official" bicycles at various NASA centers for years. If anyone knows why this was pulled, I'd like to know.

Editor's note: The Launch Control Center (LCC) at KSC has been upgraded with all the latest gizmos. However, there still seem to be a few flaws in the system whereby pushing a single button can cause big problems. Filmed in the actual LCC.

Editor's note: While I am not an American Idol fan, I have seen it - and have seen some of the less than talented wannabes end up becoming famous - because they are so bad. This video shows someone (Brent Simon) singing "the Space Camp Song" which relates the wonders and joys of going to Space Camp. While Brent's performance is certainly not Grammy material, he seems to have spawned a fan club of sorts - with others producing their own tribute videos in response to his performance. Why feature this? When is the last time you saw a homemade video about the joys of space exploration getting 1,125,101 views (and counting) on YouTube? What does this guy know about popularizing space that NASA is missing?

Editor's note: Picture this: a TV commercial featuring a space station orbiting overhead where people speak Russian and laugh at capitalists back on Earth. How scary - or at least that's what the McDonnell Douglas public affairs folks wanted everyone else to think back in 1988. Flash forward nearly 20 years. McDac is gone. And the space station with Russians on board? Well, we're up there with them. And the capitalists who actually use a space station? They speak Russian - and they are still laughing at us back on Earth because we can't commercialize much (if anything) on the ISS.

Editor's note: If you've ever seen one of those ancient movies from the 1950's where people fly on rocketships (which always seem to look like German V-2 rockets), you've no doubt seen the horrible grimaces the actors have on their faces as they are subjected to launch acceleration. Truth is, your face does get a bit distorted and pulled back as the G's climb. Indeed, actual footage from current centrifuge training seems to be funnier than B-movie depictions from half a century ago.

Editor's note: Detractors of America's space program often cite the fact that slimy things and bugs often find their way into space aboard satellites and space shuttles. This is, of course, true. However, many people do not fully understand the contribution these little critters have actually made. The following YouTube video "Ants on Rockets" highlights this oft-ignored aspect of space exploration:

Editor's note: Have a look at this YouTube video taken at "Fish Lips" in Florida in June 2006. Lots of PAO types drinking. NASA HQ PAO's previous political hire (Joe Pally) is featured as is a gratuitous plug for aeronautics from Jonas Dino (ARC). You can hear someone in the background worrying that this is going "to get on the Web". The video was posted by Michael Finneran from LaRC PAO.

Editor's note: You may recall back in the 1980's Wally Schirra demonstrated his legendary independence and became a spokesman for Actifed decongestant - something he and other astronauts had taken during their missions. YouTube now has several of those videos online.

NASA-Ames After Hours by "flightsuit", YouTube

"Trip out on the unusual industrial landscape that is NASA-Ames' Moffet Field facility, as I drive too fast, trying to find the night-time exit and/or stuff that looks kewl and futuristic."



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