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Reader note: "So much for cooperation between NASA and Google. Langley's net nanny, Websense (AKA WebNonsense), is now blocking all access to Google videos at yet they still allow full access to Youtube. I guess that's so we can all keep tabs on our PAO folks while they are on travel."

NASA PAO parties on travel, NASA LaRC PAO

Editor's note: Small wonder there haven't been any human rated UK spacecraft ... yet. The best advice for situations such as the one depicted in this YouTube video was once offered by Monty Python: "Run Away!"

Editor's note: Late last year, NASA ARC's GeneSat-1 was launched from Wallops Flight Facility. This small satellite was unqiue in many ways for a NASA project - it's small size - and it's payload - cutting edge genomics instrumentation. In addition, the operation of the spacecraft had a hefty student component. (See GeneSat News)

These three YouTube videos document many of the activities by these students at Santa Clara University and their participation in the GeneSat-1 mission.

Editor's note: Of course, there re 'cat people' and there are 'dog people'. As such, dogs have been flown on parabolic plane rides as well. In this instance, the weightless pooch seems to be having a little more fun than the cat did - even if he has a somewhat puzzled look on his face. Thanks to A.S. for finding this.

Editor's note: They say that cats always land on their feet (at least mine do - so far) when you drop them. But what happens when there is no "down" to guide them as they fall? I am not sure what the context of this video is - i.e. under what conditions they decided to fly a cat on a series of parabolic flights. And I am certain that the cat was probably rather freaked out (these are clearly not cat people). Indeed, the folks on this flight are wearing blue suits i.e. NASA. I wonder if this was just a stunt - a rather bad cruel one at that (from the cat's perspective). That said, the cat's reactions to freefall are interesting.

Editor's note: The New Horizons Project has a rather new cool video online - one that is a radical departure from the pretty, but somewhat sterile animations that NASA picks - videos that often have dorky narration and ill-fitting music. This video is very reminiscent of the promos that the Star Trek series "Enterprise" used and the ones now being used to promote the remastered episodes from the original Star Trek series. Mike Buckley, Kerri Beisser and others at APL put this video together. The person behind the New Horizons mission is PI Alan Stern - soon to be the new Science Mission Directorate Associate Administrator at NASA Headquarters. Are videos like this a preview of things to come? A link to the video is below.

The Jealous Astronaut

Editor's note: Have a look at "The Jealous Astronaut". This short animated cartoon has a certain retro Jetsons/I Dream of Jeannie thing going on. It has been one week since this story broke. People were posting YouTube videos within hours. Now, more sophisticated animations are appearing online.

The challenge to NASA: imagine if you could harness and/or inspire the same amount of creativity and personal effort toward things that promote the exploration of space - and perhaps highlight some of the many things NASA does spectacularly well? How do you work to shift the discussion away from the bad behavior of a few astronauts and focus on the things they do that should make us all proud - and inspire young people to follow their example? The video is also on YouTube (below)

Editor's note: NASA seems to have forgotten to mention yet another entry in the COTS effort to resupply NASA's space missions ...



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