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Editor's note: Jim Oberg appears about half-way through this clip from Channel 4 (below) which seeks to portray American astronauts as drunks. When Jim appears he sets an idiotic talking head straight - one located halfway around the world who seems to be using UK tabloids as "sources" as opposed to the actual NASA report. Alas, this dolt is so dense that he does not understand what Jim is saying. A gold star for Jim.

Editor's note: NASA's strategic communications folks have been worrying about NASA branding, identity, visibility, etc. lately. In so doing, they love to wave around studies that show that NASA has a high level of visibility among the public as they promote their various plans. However, what sometimes seems to escape these NASA pollsters is exactly what sort of image the public holds of NASA - even if a large number of people are aware of NASA.

Of course, NASA is only worried about what Americans think in this regard - not foreigners. Have a look at this video (below) made for their song "Amerika" by the German industrial metal band "Rammstein". My German is rusty, but the general theme of this music video - and song - seems to be to decry the Americanization of the world. Of course, they use moon walkers as the main American icon. Kinda funny to see that coming from Germany - a country whose products are often as popular as American products. Just think of all those VW Beetles roaming around Latin America.

There is one worthwhile aspect to this video: It is nice to see the movie studio where NASA faked all the moon landings. And the cameo appearance by the old NASA "worm" logo on the lead guitar is a nice touch as well.



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