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Editor's note: Looks like NORAD got a graphics upgrade such that actual Santa Claus imagery (below) and situational awareness of proximity operations with the ISS can be obtained.

Editor's note: Imagine if Werner Von Braun's intial concepts for the exploration of the Moon and Mars actually happened - just as Chesley Bonestell depicted them in Collier's Magazine half a century ago ...

Editor's note: Some clever South Africans have depicted a shuttle landing - in the middle of Cape Town. Video below.

Monster Mutant Spider at KSC

Editor's note: A monstrous arachnid managed to get past NASA KSC's crack security and crawl all over the shuttle before someone finally shooed it away. It took several minutes before the situation was brought under control. The terrifying footage is below. CAUTION: not for people suffering from arachnophobia.

Simple Video - Big Message

NASA's Exploration Mission: And the Children Shall Reach Out - and Lead, SpaceRef

"Every now and again even the most cynical of us stumble across something so simple - and yet profound - as to take one's breath away - and remind us of why we are so captivated with space exploration's broader ramifications."

Editor's note: I need to post a link to this video (below) at least once every few months. Indulge me.



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