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Editor's note: With all this fussin' and fightin' about the future of the VSE, HBO's "Mr. Show with Bob & David" came up with a new reason to go back to the moon. Makes sense to me.

Editor's note: This is one instance where using professional announcers would have been preferable to sticking NASA engineers in front of a camera simply because of their management position. Or at least find some people at NASA who can speak without mumbling. Someone should also rewrite the script so as to scrub out the acronyms and the awkward NASAspeak such as "we expend the ascent stage". No one in the real world "expends" anything. However, they do "discard" or "throw things away".

Reader note: Also included in the lists of NASASpeak:"Foam 'liberates' from the ET." Come on now NASA, it "breaks off" !!

Today's Video: Reach

Editor's note: I am hanging out with a hundred Generation Y types at NASA ARC at the NGEC-2 - Next Generation Exploration Conference. As the attendees struggled with why they were here and what they should do I realized that is has been a while since I posted this amazing gem. For me, it says it all. One of the artists behind this video, Karen Lau, was in attendance. Have a look.

Note from NOVA: "On Tuesday, February 12, NOVA will present the premiere of "Astrospies," an inside look at the covert space programs that hid in the shadows of the 1960s space race. We think readers of NASAWatch will be interested in the show, and we hope you'll consider posting about it!"



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