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New Scientist Video: "A robot developed by roboticists at the University of Pennsylvania is made of modules that can recognise each other."

Editor's note: Video below

Yuri's Night Parties This Saturday, Wired
Yuri's Night to mark first manned spaceflight, Houston Chronicle
NASA hosts rave-like bash for first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, Contra Costa Times
Media Invited to Join in 'Yuri's Night Goddard' Celebration at NASA Goddard
NASA Ames Co-Hosts Yuri's Night Bay Area 2008 Celebration
Yuri's Night - the World Party for Space - to Shatter Previous Records

"When Yuri's Night, an organization dedicated to forwarding the cause of space exploration by holding events around the world each April 12, held over 120 parties on a single day in 2007, it was viewed as an incredible accomplishment unlikely to be topped. Earlier this week, though, Yuri's Night 2008 not only met that mark but completely left it in the dust, registering 173 events in 49 countries, with 3 days still left before the big event."

Yuri's Night Video Greeting from ISS below

Reader note: "For those of us NASA folks who will never see this, this is really cool. I'm looking at these pictures from two views - technology and job loss."

Today's Video: The Twang "When the main engines start, something interesting (and dynamic) happens to the shuttle bends." (video below)

"Stephen Colbert asks Mars Rover expert Steve Squyres to explain gravity."



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