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Editor's note: Microsoft is trying to fight back against all of those "I'm a Mac" advertisements on TV and the web. This video is one of those advertisements that just started to air. And look - there is astronaut Bernard Harris - but he is sitting in front of a 70's era shuttle cockpit full of CRT displays and ancient computers. What a fitting backdrop for a Microsoft Windows advertisement ... MS-DOS, anyone?"

Editor's note: Ouch. These kids were not even born when this movie came out. Take note NASA - as to what inspires Gen Y. What would it take to get them to re-enact the Hubble Servicing Mission - or Scott Parazynski's ISS PV Array repair on STS-120?

Editor's note: This video " " ("Shenzhou seven simulation situations") about the upcoming Shenzhou 7 mission appeared on YouTube yesterday. Among other things it shows an animation of the EVA that will be performed. The EVA suits worn by the taikonauts in this video are clearly inspired by Russian Orlan suits.



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