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"On Halloween in 2003, the sun unleashed a series of spooky storms, which ignited lots of ghostly looking auroras, and effected power grids, satellites and other electrical equipment. On the fifth anniversary, NASA takes a look back at the Sun."

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Editor's note: We all know by now that Mike Griffin prefers to call himself "Spock" (audio). But who does the REAL Spock (Leonard Nimoy) prefer in election 2008? Listen to this excerpt from a recent appearance by Nimoy and you will hear about an encounter between Barack Obama and Nimoy a while back - and yes, Obama does the Vulcan salute. Hmmm ... does this have any bearing upon space policy under a possible Obama administration?

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Armadillo Aerospace Wins Level One of the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge

"Armadillo Aerospace team leader John Carmack wore a big smile yesterday as the team earned $350,000 in prize money for winning Level One of the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge in Las Cruces, New Mexico. In addition to officials from NASA and other space-industry organizations, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was on hand to witness the victory and to show his support for the private spaceflight industry. Armadillo made an attempt at Level Two of the Challenge today, but experienced technical problems that prevented them from accomplishing a successful flight."

CNN: Teachers on zero-gravity trip: "Schoolteachers take a zero-gravity flight to help inspire their students to learn about science and space."

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Laurent Lichtenstein: "The teaser of my very new documentary "New Moon", describing man's efforts to return to the Moon in 2020. Filmed mostly at Devon Island, canadian Hight Arctic"

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"Several college students, working at NASAs Johnson Space Center, teamed up to help their generation reconnect with NASA by creating entertaining videos that people might not expect from a government agency. Using their own resources and skillz, these young employees created a series of videos that educate and entertain."

Editor's note: There are three videos in this collection. "Apollo Guys" is interesting and nicely done - but needs to be re-edited. "The Future of NASA" is cute. With regard to "I.S.S. Baby": if there is an "artist" who is more annoying than Vanilla Ice (even when copied - badly), please let me know.

Editor's update: NASA's Nick Skytland gushes about these videos here. To which I responded:



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