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Skylon Rocket/Jet Hybrid Is, Scientifically Speaking, Super Cool, Gizmodo

"The Skylon reusable space plane takes off from an airport runway, burns atmospheric oxygen, switching to liquid oxygen and hydrogen to hit escape velocity and attain orbit. At least, it will in 10 years. The plane will be designed to carry 12 tons of payload into orbit and return safely, without having wasted $100 million worth of throwaway rocket."

Video Below

Editor's note: In this video, President Obama speaks about the value of science and technology and our future workforce.

Video below.

SpaceX COTS D Dragon Video

SpaceX: Support NASA Exploration and COTS Capability D (plus video)

"This will be a very big year for SpaceX and the NASA Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program. In 2006, SpaceX won the NASA COTS competition to demonstrate transport of cargo and optionally crew to and from the International Space Station. Under that agreement, SpaceX will conduct the second flight of its Falcon 9 launch vehicle and first flight of its Dragon spacecraft in 2009. The final flight, scheduled for 2010, will demonstrate Dragon's ability to berth with the Space Station."

Wayne Hale's NASA Blog: Stifling Dissent

"I've got a video that you need to watch, but first I need to explain why you need to watch it and what lesson I hope you will take away.

Recently I had a couple of events which affected my thinking on this. I have been out of the Shuttle Program manager job for almost a year now and a trusted coworker just a week ago told me that people in his organization had been prevented from giving me important alternative choices for some program choices that occurred a couple of years ago. This was staggering. It was happening right in front of me and I was totally unaware that people - who I trusted, who I hoped would trust me - kept their lips sealed because somebody in their middle management made it clear to them that speaking up would not be good.


Inclusion & Innovation Enhancement Initiative, Barrier Analysis Team, White Paper, January 2009, NASA JSC, PDF

Editor's 30 Jan note: A number of readers have wondered if this video will ever end up on NASA TV ... THAT would be interesting.

Editor's 2 Feb update: Wayne just posted this follow-up to his earlier blog entry. I have always been impressed with Wayne. This blog posting by Wayne and its follow-up simply serve to underscore that impression.

Wayne Hale's Blog: Moving Forward

"After making a blog post, two or three days may pass before I get back to see what comments have come in and to post those that are pertinent (it is surprising how many pharmaceutical companies I have never heard of want to post their ads in blog comment spaces). However, my email overflowed this weekend with comments to my last post. This evening, I have posted almost of those comments at this site. I have also been reading some of the comments on other parts of the internet, I think it is time to refocus as we start the week."

Editor's 8 Feb note: Looks like the video has gone viral - and mainstream:

Astronaut's Video Satirizes NASA Bureaucracy, NPR

"A short, satirical video produced by an astronaut and posted on YouTube is generating a lot of discussion within NASA and the space community. The video focuses on making sure the agency's bureaucracy doesn't crush innovative ideas and dissenting opinions. The video, written and filmed by four-time space flier Andrew Thomas, tells the fictional story of a young engineer at Johnson Space Center in Houston who has a great new concept for a spacecraft design."

As seen during the Super Bowl. Video below.

Editor's note: Buzz Aldrin and his "Elvis glasses" made it onto TMZ. Interesting comments about going back to the Moon.



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