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"In this week's Discovery Space Wrap Up: The Hubble Space Telescope captures a moon parade around Saturn, GOCE the gravity mapping satellite launches, the International Space Station gets its wings."

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Editor's note: President Obama called the shuttle and ISS crews this morning at 9:49 a.m. EDT. The President was joined by Acting NASA Administrator Scolese, members of Congress, and children from local schools.

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"On March 15th 2009 a Bat fulfilled his dream to become the first Bat in space.
Sadly it was also his last flight. We wipe away a tear and salute this true hero and we shall always remember SPACE BAT!"

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"On March 20, 2009, at 1:00 p.m. EDT, join a panel of scientists for a live Sun-Earth Day Webcast on and NASA TV. During the webcast, scientists will share discoveries about the sun, while students monitor the sun and prepare their own space weather forecast."

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Wayne Hale's Blog: Encouraging Innovation at NASA

"I have another video for you to watch, but before you do let me give you a little context. On this date, March 16, 1926, Dr. Robert Hutchings Goddard, professor of Physics at Worchester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts tried out his newest invention in his Aunt Effie's cabbage patch near Auburn, Massachusetts. Pretty old cabbages in that garden in March in Massachusetts. Dr. Goddard's invention? The world's very first liquid fueled rocket. It flew; not very high nor very far, but it flew. And attracted the attention of the town's volunteer fire department - they asked Dr. Goddard not to do any more experiments there."



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