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"1969 - felt so fine ... we floated free ... stayed up past our bed time .... gathered round the black and white TV watching cloudy images of human men just like me sailing across the Sea of Tranquility ... The astronauts in insect suits climbed out of their cocoons and floated down to the ground like cartoons - we bounced with them like balloons ... as we danced with those images ... in the Sea of Tranquillity..."

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"It's the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing--when it was still tranquil. Before the moon-buggy, golfing and other right stuff galluphumpery.

Now the astronauts are all hot on Mars. The red planet. Which makes sense. Let the moon be restored to its tranquillity. Let the sea of tranquillity slowly forget our intrusion in the long shift of millenia.

And us sublunary types can look up at her, and her dark quiet seas, and in moments pass again into our purer minds."

Video below. CAUTION: It's infectious.

"Retired Columbia native and Marine Corp Major General and former astronaut Charles F. Bolden, Jr was inspired and shaped by great teachers in South Carolina's public schools, including several family members. You, too, can chose to make this extraordinary difference in the lives of young people, teaching them to reach for the stars. Produced for the Palmetto Horizon Foundation by Ferillo & Associates, Inc. and edited by Take Ten Productions."

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Buzz Aldrin punches conspiracy theorist, Sun Sentinel

"How many times today do I have to hear that 6 percent of Americans believe the 1969 moon landing was fake? Does that really mean anything? Keep in mind a 2005 Gallup poll found that 37 percent of Americans believe in haunted houses. That means six times more people believe in Casper than the government faking the moon landing. Here's how Buzz Aldrin reacted to one conspiracy theorist."

"A multi-touch and multi-user version of the classical Risk game. As a platform Nasa World Wind (WWJ) and the Java implementation of Risk "Domination" by were used. A authentication method (that was also integrated in the game) can be found in the last video. Thanks to Klaus Drerup & Wadim Hamm."

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CBS Apollo 11 Landing Coverage with Walter Cronkite As It Happened

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"A team of eight astronauts, (four men and four women), from five different countries, set out on a mysterious six-year mission that covers 13 billion kilometers. Their entire journey is monitored, every emotion captured on camera, and they soon realize there may be more to the mission than what they were told." Or, as the voice over on the trailer puts it: "8 astronauts. Their lives, loves, and passions ... could blow the universe ... wide open."

Meanwhile ....

Couple in NASA love triangle now set to marry

"Oefelein popped the question on June 20 while on a 110-mile canoe trip on Beaver Creek in Alaska. "That night, Billy O. retrieved a ring he had hidden in the fishing box and proposed to his live on bended knee," the announcement said."

Preview below:

"This was my first Deepworker flight since last year, and I was pleased that flying the submersibles came back similar to skiing or riding a bicycle. We have been planning the science and operational metrics for this expedition for many months now, and it was both fun and exciting to get back into the water and execute the plan for real. I was constantly marveling at how cool it was to be seeing things that human eyes have never seen before, like exploring Mars or time warping back to pre-Cambrian oceans with today's technology."

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