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NASA and NOAA's newest weather satellite, GOES-14, has captured some fascinating views of Hurricane Bill. This is a collection of a few quick movies put together by the GOES-14 team.

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Keith's note: Now I know how NASA faked part of the Moon landings - especially the part where Neil and Buzz bounced around. Some French guy figured it out. Thanks @GreatDismal (author William Gibson)

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Keith's note: True to form the characters were talking about sex and dating before the first commercial aired. Before 30 minutes had elapsed they had pulled off their clothes. This was interwoven with a series of tired and worn out space movie cliche subplots and utterly implausible events. Based on what was spoken, in real life, half of the crew would not pass any reasonable psych exam. Other lines were just ignorant like "does anyone know if Hindus commit suicide?" Then there was the needless risk of a spacesuit with a person inside. And so on. Alas, the show looks gorgeous and they clearly spent a lot of money on sets and visuals. Some scenes were rather stunning. A small statue of Ganesha hitches a ride at the front of a ship bound for Venus was kind of interesting as was the unauthorized EVA that led up to it. With all the money the show's producers sent on the look and feel you'd think that they'd spent an equal amount on getting good writers. Oh well.

Eyal Podell Talks About New ABC Series 'Defying Gravity', Starpulse

"Eyal: No, we did not, but the producers went down to NASA. They spent a bunch of time talking with NASA; and I think NASA would have endorsed the show had they not had a little trepidation of the sort of, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives pedigree of the producers. They felt like, okay, well, we don't want our [space] program to be turned into a sex romp. And I can guarantee that's not exactly what it is. There are relationships but it's not like sex left and right. It's more psychological and nuanced. It's very well written and very human."

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