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"My references are various, from Chris Ware for his extraordinary layout and (sometimes abstract) images, Hans Richter, Len Lye, Stanley Kubrick or Godfrey Reggio (with his qatsi trilogy). I must also quote the speech of JFK ( watch?v=6z1DidldxUo)"

Keith's note: This is a preview of things to come from NASA Watch's new twin sibling, the soon-to-be relaunched - and enhanced - NASAHackSpace. Working motto: "This is not a NASA Website. You do not need permission to explore space. Fix NASA's stuff - or just do it yourself."

Keith's note: Video: Build A Rocket!from Rocket Boys the Musical

Keith's note: On the day that the SLS ageeement was announced, I thought this was an appropriate video to show - courtesy of the original Rocket Boy himself, Homer Hickam. This scene is from "Rocket Boys the Musical" based on Homer Hickam's memoir Rocket Boys, the #1 New York Times bestseller which was also made into the movie "October Sky". It is the scene where the rocket boys realize what they need to do to open up a grand new future. The clip is from Theatre West Virginia's presentation of the show earlier this month. "Rocket Boys the Musical" is being developed for the Broadway stage. For more information, please go to



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