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We're NASA and we know it

'We're NASA and we know it' parody marries NASA and LMFAO for the best viral video you'll see today, Washington Post

"The video, which landed (pun intended) on a new video channel called Satire, marries the popular LMFAO hit "Sexy and I Know It" with factoids from the NASA Curiosity mission. It comes complete with shout-outs to Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson. ... The team has yet to hear feedback from NASA, although a member of the cast and production team, Anne Ketola, is a former NASA employee. The badges the team wears on their shirts, says Cohn, are actual NASA mission badges."

Mars Rover's Discoveries, The Onion

"After completing a difficult landing on the Martian surface last week, NASA's car-sized rover Curiosity has begun deploying its highly advanced cameras and instruments, which will provide the most thorough data on the Red Planet yet. Here are several of its early discoveries:"



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