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Layoffs at LARC?

8 July 2004: NASA Langley 'transforming', Daily Press

"NASA Langley Research Center will cut 20 percent of its supervisor positions, open competition to many senior posts and improve the bidding process for space exploration work, under a reorganization plan announced Wednesday. Neither layoffs nor pay cuts are part of the new plan, said Lesa Roe, Langley's recently named deputy director. But supervisors who don't win their jobs back in an agencywide hiring process might be reassigned to science and technology positions with equitable pay."

8 July 2004: Langley changes reflect ''one-NASA'' idea, PIlot Online

"Deputy Director Lesa B. Roe, said no jobs will be lost, but reducing the number of supervisory positions will save money in the long term. She said the center, which employs about 2,200 civil servants, may offer early retirement packages to those who cannot be reassigned. The structure will fully be in place by December, she said."

8 July 2004: Langley center cutting top supervisor jobs 20%, Times Dispatch

"Langley, which has about 2,400 civil-service employees and an annual budget of nearly $800 million, expects the loss of contracts for space programs that provide nearly a quarter of its current budget. Those programs were made obsolete by the new exploration goals."

Editor's note: You know, this doesn't quite add up. Not everyone is going to find a new job. Indeed, some people are going to be out of their jobs - and not have a place to go. LaRC management needs to be a bit more forthcoming in this regard. They may not want to use the word 'layoff' (or "RIF') but the consequences of this reorganization may eventually have the same end result. NASA's greatest asset is its people. They need to have the full story from management.



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