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SMC: Workforce Ceilings

NASA Strategic Management Council Meeting: Workforce ceilings

"Members raised issues related to declining workforce ceilings in the out years: Missions have not allocated all future workforce funding to centers; centers continue to have problems with the mix of skills in the current civil service workforce; flight centers seem reluctant to place development work at research centers; targets may need to be readjusted."

Academy Panel Urges NASA to Lead the Way on Multisector Workforce Issues, National Academy of Public Administration

"NASA is undergoing a fundamental mission shift that will require the agency to adopt a knowledge- based, data-driven strategy to better align its workforce, according to a National Academy of Public Administration report. NASA is working to refocus many aeronautics and scientific programs, phase-out the Space Shuttle by 2010, and develop new vehicles to go to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. This fundamental mission shift requires significant workforce changes. But, Congress has banned permanent workforce cuts at the agency. And, NASA has sought to ensure that every field center has a place in the new programs with funding to cover existing civil servants. This has resulted in workforce misalignments."



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