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More KSC Layoffs Announced

330 more workers at Kennedy Space Center slated to lose jobs, Orlando Sentinel

"While the debate continues in Washington over the future of NASA's human spaceflight plans, contractors at Kennedy Space Center are pressing ahead with plans to lay off hundreds more workers as the date of the space shuttle retirement looms. Boeing Co. announced Friday it will shed 330 jobs at KSC, starting in January and continuing in stages through August."

Notice of Membership of SES Performance Review Board, Federal Register

"The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, Public Law 95-454 (Section 405) requires that appointments of individual members to a Performance Review Board (PRB) be published in the Federal Register. The performance review function for the SES in NASA is being performed by the NASA PRB and the NASA Senior Executive Committee. The latter performs this function for senior executives who report directly to the Administrator or the Deputy Administrator and members of the PRB. The following individuals are serving on the Board and the Committee:"

Doing More With Less

NASA considering job cuts - Reduction tied to manned flights may affect Johnson Space Center jobs, Houston Chronicle

"NASA is considering cutting as much as 20 percent of its employee costs on the manned space program -- including jobs at Houston's Johnson Space Center -- in hopes of salvaging money for ambitious back-to-the-moon plans, NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver has told contractors for the agency. The effort by Garver, a Clinton-era NASA official known for her willingness to shake things up, could potentially reap savings of $1.5 billion to $2 billion annually over the next two years on space operations and acquisition of the next generation spacecraft. "

NASA takes issue with story, Houston Chronicle

"In "NASA considering job cuts" (Page A1, Thursday), the Houston Chronicle incorrectly reported that NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver told contractors that the agency "is considering cutting as much as 20 percent of its employee costs on the manned space program." Garver has not initiated any discussions with NASA contractors in an effort to reduce jobs. In fact, it was the contractor community that first approached NASA with ideas on how it could restructure existing work to reduce costs.

The article also suggested that as much as $2 billion could be saved. NASA has not attached any specific cost-reduction targets as a part of ongoing assessments of future exploration activities. The report's presumption that NASA is proactively asking contractors to cut jobs is unfortunate and incorrect, and the article assumes that the end result will have a negative impact on our work force when the opposite is possible. No specific actions will be considered until the White House makes a final decision regarding the future of human spaceflight.

Robert Jacobs, assistant administrator for public affairs (acting) NASA headquarters, Washington, D.C."

NASA Recognized for Excellence in Project Management

"NASA has been recognized for 40 years of shared project management success by the Project Management Institute, or PMI, of Newton Square, Pa. "NASA has advanced the discipline of project, program and portfolio management by example," said Ricardo Viana Vargas, chairman of the PMI Board of Directors during their Global Congress-North America annual conference that took place in Orlando, Fla., in October. Vargas also noted that 2009 marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of PMI and the Apollo 11 moon landing."

Ryan Derousseau:, the Washington Post Co.'s directory of powerful players in government, wants to expand its profiles of NASA officials. Help us grow our knowledge of the space community by contributing to our moderated wiki, where you - the users with invaluable information about your fellow policymakers - can add to existing profiles or create entirely new ones about the people you know best. There are several ways you can highlight the accomplishments of NASA and its leaders:

-Update our profile of NASA CIO Linda Cureton
-Add profiles of top NASA officials who are not on our site, including:

1. Administrator Charles F. Bolden Jr.
2. Deputy Administrator Lori B. Garver
3. Chief of Staff George T. Whitesides
4. General Counsel Michael Wholley

These are only a few names we definitely need. For example, if you think Associate Administrator of Aeronautics Research Jaiwon Shin should be highlighted for his work, then feel free to write a profile of him.

How to Participate: (continued below)

"Dear Administrator Bolden: At your urging below (and that of many employees who contacted me since your email), I submitted the following 1000-character SAVE award proposal.

Reversing Full-Cost Recovery of Civil Service Salary at NASA: Directly allocate civil-servant salary to NASA Centers in FY10 Op Plan. In 2004, NASA buried salary in program funds allowing improper re-allocation with little transparency or accountability. Tracking labor under this new policy wastes at least $50 million annually. The process requires at least a half-dozen additional outsourced accountants per Center (>$10 million in needless procurement but perhaps twice that).



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