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Bolden Update Today

Administrator Bolden to Speak to NASA Workforce from Johnson Space Center

"Please join Administrator Charlie Bolden as he addresses the entire NASA workforce during a brief program at the Johnson Space Center in Houston on Wednesday, April 28, at noon EDT. The administrator's remarks will be carried internally on NASA Television on Headquarters channel 76. The program also will be streamed internally over the Web to NASA Headquarters employees at:"

It's time to focus on America's future in space, editorial, Charles Bolden, Houston Chronicle

"To make this dream a reality, we must identify quicker and less costly ways to develop new launch systems. We must speed the acquisition process so it doesn't take a decade to make a new system operational. And we must work diligently with the commercial sector to help them succeed at providing safe, reliable, redundant access to low-Earth orbit while NASA develops futuristic capabilities to reach deep space. These changes will not be easy, but they are by no means impossible."



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