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More USA Layoffs Ahead

Keith's note: Word has it that the next round of layoffs at USA are coming on 7 January 2011. This will be a smaller personnel layoff than the subsequent 3 rounds of layoffs being planned in 2011. Employees have heard from management that there will probably be much larger layoffs in April, July, and September 2011. Upwards of 80% of the employees at JSC and KSC may well be gone by the time these layoffs conclude.

NASA KSC Solicitation: Health Assessment Web-based Portal

"The current system allows NASA to customize the information on the site. Through the customization, NASA has acquired data necessary to support an agengcy-wide longitudal health study. Therefore, NASA intends to continue the customized service from Mayo to maintain control of data necessary for study, and to retain the accumulated data gathered over the years. ... The requirement consist of an interactive health assessment web-based portal dedicated to NASA. The web-based portal requires: ... Rewards points incentive programs (and incentive tracking capabilities) designed to increase level of participation by NASA employees.



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