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Cleveland's Glenn Research Center seeking stability with uncertainties ahead for NASA, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"During an eight-week stretch this summer, for instance, a prominent NASA blogger reported that Lugo was about to be replaced (he wasn't), and a former NASA administrator advising Mitt Romney's presidential campaign warned that the space agency was planning to scrap all human space flight work and eliminate its 244 jobs at Glenn. (Both NASA and the White House issued unusually blunt denials.)"

Keith's note: Charlie Bolden is not happy with the waves that Ray Lugo is making. Lugo has been told to put his reorganization on hold by NASA HQ but it would seem that he is still moving ahead with it. Stay tuned.

- Lugo's Big Mistake: Changes Ahead at GRC Halted, earier post
- Bolden Seeks To Replace Multiple Center Directors, earlier post

- Larger GRC Org Chart image

Keith's update: This recent Glenn Research Center reorganization attempt by Ray Lugo was in direct defiance of orders given out by Charlie Bolden to all NASA center directors to not shake things up prior to the election. You see, Ohio is a crucial state in terms of this election - and Lugo's actions have caused a bit of a stir. As a result Ray Lugo's days as GRC Center Director are numbered as far as Bolden is concerned. Bolden has shut this re-org down. Of course, there will be official denials - but that's what is going on behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Bolden has already been admonished by the White House not to shake things up either after his attempt to replace a bunch of center directors. Stay tuned.

Reader comment: "when Mr. Lugo presented the chart to the employees of Glenn Research Center he predicted that some employee would release this to NASA Watch, even though it was made clear that the chart is "pre-decisional", where is the integrity in that."

Keith's update: It still amazes me that a decade into the 21st century that some parts of NASA are stuck in the 19th century.

Bolden Seeks To Replace Multiple Center Directors, earlier post

Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2012 2:56 PM
Subject: Center Ops Reductions

FYI. Attached is more info on the extent of the reductions at Center Operations. A couple of things to take notice of in the attached: facility repairs will occur during working hours, reduced trash pick-ups (may even have to take our trash to a central location), work stoppages, and reduced security patrols."

NASA JSC Center Operations FY 13 Service Reductions and Eliminations, 1 October 2012 (PDF)

Keith's note: Check out a larger version of this aerial shot of JSC. Look in the upper left hand corner. That sure looks like an ISS solar array ...



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