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Bad Weather Affects NASA Ops

Keith's note: The bad weather on the east coast has pretty much brought the Washington DC Metro and mid-atlantic area to a crawl with bad road conditions and increasing power outages. This will continue through tomorrow. So you can expect NASA HQ, GSFC, Wallops and also IV&V and LaRC to all be running at less than full efficiency.

At many agencies, fears of an exodus, Federal Times

"Among federal organizations with more than 1,000 employees, NASA's Ames Research Center had the highest proportion of retirement-eligibles: More than one out of four of its 1,200 employees are able to retire immediately. That percentage is well above other NASA agencies. At Ames, the staff is "very energized" by its work on aeronautics and space applications, Associate Director Deborah Feng said in written answers. In addition, she said, employees often leave to take jobs at local companies, only to return later on to Ames' benefit."



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