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Spending Money "in SPACE"

26 February 2004: Candidates on the issues: Space, AP

"The Associated Press chooses an issue three times a week and asks the presidential candidates a question about it. SPACE: Do you support the plan to return astronauts to the moon by 2020 in preparation for manned missions to Mars?"

27 February 2004: Kerry targets Bush's economics in University of Toledo speech, Toledo Blade

"What we need to do as we enter this dawn of the 21st century, is not talk about going to the Moon or even to Mars. We need to go to the Moon right here on Earth by creating the jobs, building the high value-added jobs of the future..."

Editor's note: Duh. I wonder if it occured to the good Senator that no jobs have yet been created off this planet and that every dollar that goes to someone's salary working on the President's space initiative is spent "right here on Earth" and that this also accomplishes the Senator's desire to create "high value-added jobs of the future" as well.



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