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In The Cape Week in Review, one chapter in history was closed, while a new one opened. While the space shuttle Atlantis returned home from her final planned mission the private commercial space firm, SpaceX rescheduled the launch of its Falcon 9 rocket and the U.S. Air Force launched the first GPS IIF satellite. (With 3 videos)

This week at Cape Canaveral saw the scrubbed launch of a United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket with its GPS satellite payload, private space firm SpaceX set a new date for the possible inaugural launch of its Falcon 9 rocket and the Cape marked a number of historic milestones.

The Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center (KSC) area was a hive of activity this week. The space shuttle Atlantis roared off the launch pad on its final mission, STS-132. Over at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex it was announced that the final frontier will beam down in the form of a live stage show. It was also revealed this week that come this September, Brevard County in general and KSC in particular will be playing host to robots in disguise!

This past week at Cape Canaveral saw the passing of a space legend, the build up to one of the final shuttle launches and efforts to stem the flow of highly-technical space jobs away from the area.

It also saw private space company SpaceX striving to meet the launch criteria for its Falcon 9 rocket.



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