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Sen. Nelson Floats Alternate Use for NASA Commercial Crew Money, Space News

"As the Senate Commerce Committee begins work on a 2010 NASA authorization bill, science and space subcommittee chairman Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) is questioning whether $6 billion the U.S. space agency is seeking for developing a commercial crew taxis might be better spent on a heavy-lift rocket that could take humans beyond low Earth orbit."

Fla. Senator Says Obama 'Restructuring' NASA Plans, WESH

"A new word is creeping into the conversation: spacecraft -- as in, Billow said, a replacement for the shuttle. Florida's senior senator, after talking to the president, said U.S. astronauts could wind up launching in an American-built spacecraft after all. It would mean developing a giant rocket based on space shuttle engines, tanks and boosters to go with a new spacecraft, Billow said, perhaps the very one NASA was designing anyway."

Nelson: Senate will order super-sized rocket, Florida Today

"U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson told a space forum co-hosted by FLORIDA TODAY that the Senate also is drafting legislation that would push commercial companies with contracts to fly cargo or crews to the International Space Station to hire people from the Space Coast work force, Nelson said" ... "The president made a mistake," said Nelson, who added that Obama is a strong supporter of the space program. "The president is going to have to prove that when he comes here on April 15 because. . . the perception is that he killed the space program."

How to Devise a Stellar Social Media Policy: NASA's Tips, Network World

"NASA has been exploring social media--a territory still foreign to many businesses--for years now. But back in 2007, as more and more employees began using external social media sites, NASA determined that it was time develop a policy--not just to protect the agency, but to protect their employees as well. ... NASA successfully developed and implemented a set of social media guidelines and added them onto the existing communications policy. Check out Holm's tips and tricks to help make your social media policy rollout go smoothly."

Keith's note: So ... these are tips offered from Jeanne Holm, chief knowledge architect at JPL on how NASA advises people to develop a social media policy (guidelines) yet the agency itself still has not managed to develop a social media policy. I cannot seem to find that policy online despite the claims made in this article that it has been under development since 2007. One would think that such things are online, right? Given that there is some confusion among people at NASA who are supposed to coordinate such things, wouldn't this disconnect as to the status of these guidelines undermine the value of some of this advice from NASA?

FAA, NASA Vie for Authority Over Commercial Space Safety, WS Journal

"Congress hasn't yet voted on White House proposals to outsource manned space flights to private enterprise, but the concept already is prompting a bureaucratic tussle over which federal agency should be responsible for ensuring the safety of such flights. The Federal Aviation Administration believes it should be the agency in charge, while National Aeronautics and Space Administration believes the flights fall under its jurisdiction. The dispute came into public view Thursday during a hearing of a Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation subcommittee. The panel's chairman, Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida, home to thousands of NASA jobs, indicated that he views the space agency as the final arbiter of astronaut safety."



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