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NASA and White House Discuss Early Shuttle Fleet Retirement, SpaceRef

"NASA is considering retiring a Space Shuttle orbiter in 2007 and beginning modifications to one shuttle launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center under a plan now being reviewed at NASA headquarters, according to senior agency sources. No final decision has been made but discussions continued as Discovery was being prepared for launch."

Editor's note: Today's launch of the space shuttle Discovery has been scrubbed due to a low level fuel cut off sensor problem. No new launch date has been set yet. The crew is preparing to disembark the shuttle at this time.

NASA Space Shuttle Processing Status Report 12 July 2005

"At about 5 p.m. today during routine closeouts at the launch pad, the cover of Discovery's window number seven, one of the overhead crew cabin windows, fell about 65 feet and hit a carrier panel on the left Orbital Maneuvering System (OMS) pod, damaging several tiles. The tiles were on a single carrier panel, which fits over the area. A spare carrier panel was taken to the pad and used to replace the damaged panel. The replacement procedure took about an hour to complete".



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