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Canadarm2 Successfully Captures Japanese H-II Transfer Vehicle, SpaceRef Canada

"American flight engineer Nicole Stott using Canada's Canadarm2 on the International Space Station today captured the Japanese H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV). The Japanese HTV is an unmanned spacecraft used to resupply the Kib Japanese Experiment Module and the rest of the International Space Station (ISS)."

Marc's note: Earlier this week SpaceRef relaunched its Canadian site, SpaceRef Canada, with a new look and interactive features. The new look is what you'll soon see on SpaceRef itself along with the same features. Using our new content management system you can create an account on the SpaceRef Network or login using Google, Yahoo or your OpenID accounts. This means you will be able to login to NASA Watch, SpaceRef, SpaceRef Canada, the Astrobiology Web and all the other sites on our network with one simple login. We hope you enjoy the changes available now and to come.

Marc's note: In case you weren't aware of it the Senate Hearing on Options and Issues for NASA's Human Space Flight Program is on at this time and available on NASA TV.

Marc's note: Discovery landed safely at 8:53 PM ET at Edwards Air Force Base. This ends the 14-day mission that delivered supplies and research facilities to the International Space Station.

Missed the landing, watch our video.



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