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Elon Musk - the Future of Energy & TransportElon Musk - the Future of Energy & Transport

On November 14 Elon Musk participated in a 90 minute Q&A at the Oxford Martin School with the topic the Future of Energy and Transport. From the abstract, Musk "will talk from his own experiences at the forefront of technology and innovation about what kind of technological transformations are just around the corner and how these can help address the world's critical challenges."

Commercial Space Watch is now SpaceRef Business, SpaceRef

Marc's note: SpaceRef is committed to providing timely, useful news and analysis on a wide variety of topics. Our web site focusing on business has been up until today called Commercial Space Watch. Today I'm happy to announce that in the first of many changes to the site we''re rebranding it as SpaceRef Business ( Over the coming months you'll see increased business coverage and services on the site.

One of those new initiatives is to include more user generated content on all our sites including SpaceRef Business. So starting today you Guest Blog Pitch us.

What are we looking for? We're looking for articles and commentary that would benefit the community regarding all aspects of the space sector: business, space policy, military space, space exploration, space science, technology and more. Learn more.



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