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CuriousMars: Triple Sample Set for SAM, as NASA Cheers Revived Plutonium Production

"Restarting science operations after 3 weeks of computer problems, the Mars rover Curiosity will be using its robotic arm and the Goddard Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) laboratory to process a triple-dose of drilled subsurface rock in a more intense search for organic carbon before April 4, when Mars will move behind the Sun blocking communications until May 1."

March 2013 Issue of Space Quarterly Magazine Released, SpaceRef

"The March 2012 edition of Space Quarterly Magazine is now available. Here are the table of contents for the U.S. and Canadian editions."

CuriousMars: Rover's SAM organic and CheMin Labs Outrun Computer Snafu For Extra Rock Analysis, SpaceRef

"Scientists with the $2.5 billion Mars rover Curiosity will reveal potentially historic discoveries about Mars next week in Washington D. C."

"There are indications that the planned March 12 NASA Headquarters briefing could reveal the finding of organic carbon on Mars - "key ingredients" for life on Mars, as the space agency reinforced this week."

Chris Hadfield Quote Turned Into Cartoon By Zen Pencils, Huffington Post

"More than a few of us Earthlings have found ourselves thoroughly inspired by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield as he zooms around our planet aboard the International Space Station, tweeting all the way.

Aside from providing us with breath-taking photos of the Earth and a gravity-free cooking lesson, Hadfield has been doling out advice to his young fans with off-planet ambitions.

During a recent Reddit AMA, Hadfield was asked to give advice for young people considering a career in space science, and his heartfelt answer hit Australian artist Gaving Aung Than hard."

Marc's note: Chris Hadfield is not the first astronaut to inspire a younger generation. However with the social media tools available now along with almost weekly live interactions with youth, has fostered a following like no astronaut before him. The repeated messages, of which the central one has been turned into this cartoon, is hitting home. Keep up the good work @cmdr_hadfield.

NASA Repeatedly Attacked, Jet Propulsion Lab Compromised, eWeek

"The National Aeronautics and Space Administration was under heavy attack over the past two years, as adversaries tried to infect machines with malware or use advanced persistent threats to get into the network, according to Congressional testimony.

Attackers from a Chinese-based IP address had breached the network at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and gained full access to the networks and sensitive user accounts, NASA Inspector General Paul Martin told the House Science, Space and Technology committee Feb. 29. NASA made the discovery in November, and the JPL incident is still under investigation, according to Martin."

Marc's note: One reader pointed this story out to me and now another has notified me I should have looked at the date a little closer. My bad, the story is a year old. With all the Chinese hacking being reported these days I assumed the story was from last week. My apologies.

CuriousMars: SAM and CheMin Ace Rock Analysis, Ready for More, SpaceRef

"The Mars rover Curiosity is this week in the midst of potentially historic discoveries as the full range of its capabilities are brought to bear for the first time on a gray powdered Martian subsurface rock sample."

"The sample, drilled from within a mudstone type rock, was totally unexpected this early in the mission and could reveal whether this once water soaked region of Mars preserved organic carbon pertinent to past life on Mars."



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