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Evaporating Science At OSTP

By Keith Cowing
June 30, 2017
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Evaporating Science At OSTP

Science division of White House office no longer staffed: report, The Hill
“While the science division had no staff members as of Friday, a White House official told CBS News that the science and technology office was still functioning with 35 staffers. Still, that compares to the more than 100 employees who worked in the office under Obama.”
How Jonathan Dimock Auditioned To Be NASA White House Liaison
“My preference in positions are as follows: Office of Science and Technology Policy – This topic is a natural fit for me. A lot of narratives can be driven or disproven with scientific evidence as long as there are no preconceived ideas walking into it. The mind sees what it wants to see and science is a theory and a means of communicating with other people in the same field, not a fact.”

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