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White House Lays Down The Law Down on Suborbital and Commercial Space

By Keith Cowing
May 25, 2010
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NASA Nurtures New Ideas for Near Orbit, Tom Kalil, OSTP Deputy Director for Policy
“CRuSR–one of several innovative priorities for NASA’s new Chief Technology Officer, Bobby Braun–is building on that momentum. Starting next year, NASA will invest $15 million per year to support a wide range of technology demonstrations, educational experiments, and science payloads on these new vehicles.”
“It will also give undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity of a lifetime. They’ll help design and build new hardware, work side-by-side with rocket scientists to integrate the experiments into the vehicles, and analyze the data once each experiment has been completed. There may even be opportunities for middle and high school students, who could travel to the nearest spaceport to see their science experiment blast off into space.”

Keith’s update: Looks like Ed Weiler and other suborbital science opponents have just been given guidance on a new way of thinking (and behaving) by the White House.

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