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Aeronautics Policy Released While Everyone Is on Vacation

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
December 30, 2006

President Bush Signs Executive Order Establishing National Aeronautics Research and Development Policy

“President Bush signed an Executive Order (EO) establishing the nations first Aeronautics Research and Development Policy. The EO was accompanied by release of a supporting Policy document developed by the Aeronautics Science and Technology (S&T) Subcommittee of the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC). The overarching goal of the Policy is to advance U.S. technological leadership in aeronautics by fostering a vibrant and dynamic aeronautics research and development (R&D) community that includes government, industry, and academia.”

National Aeronautics Research and Development Policy
Executive Order: National Aeronautics Research and Development

Editor’s 21 Dec 2006 note: Once again the White House has slipped a policy related to NASA’s Charter out the back door while no one was looking. NASA posted links to these materials on its website but apprently does not see any value in issuing a press release. This is rather odd given all of the talk by Mike Griffin – before Congress – about the need for such a policy. Yet despite this oversight, PAO did manage to get a release titled “NASA’s KSC Providing Assistance to Santa on Christmas Eve” out to an eager world.

Press Briefing by White House Press Secretary Tony Snow 20 October 2006: NASA Excerpt

“Q Tony, can you say a few words about the new Bush space policy that was released, strangely enough, on a Friday afternoon before Columbus Day, on the website of the Office of Science and Technology —

MR. SNOW: You mean the strategy that, strangely enough, was announced in July?

Q No, it was put on the website on the weekend of Columbus Day.”

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