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Another NASA News Conference With No News

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
August 3, 2022
Another NASA News Conference With No News

Keith’s note: NASA held an Artemis 1 media briefing today. These were the only newsworthy highlights.

Otherwise, NASA held an Artemis “press briefing” today that started at 11:00 am EDT. NASA talking heads use up 45 minutes with talking points and infomercials with Marvel superhero music and then they only had 20 minutes for actual press briefing questions. When a local TV reporter from update New York made mention of the fact that no one in their newsroom knew about this Nelson gave a somewhat clueless response by as to why space is not always newsworthy – because if NASA thinks it is then it must be interesting or newsworthy. He then answered a question about SLS cost and delays by using the using the multi-billion dollar, decade-delayed Webb Space Telescope to justify the multi-billion dollar, decade-delayed SLS program – because “space is hard”.

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