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Aldrin Family Statement on Recent Lawsuit

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
June 23, 2018

Keith’s note: The following statement was received by NASA Watch from the Aldrin family:
“We are deeply disappointed and saddened by the unjustified lawsuit that has been brought against us individually and against the Foundation that we have built together as a family to carry on Dad’s legacy for generations to come. When we established the current structure several years ago, it was done so at Buzz’s request and with his full support. If nothing else, our family is resilient and our ability to work together to solve problems and accomplish great things is strong. We love and respect our father very much and remain hopeful that we can rise above this situation and recover the strong relationship that built this foundation in the first place.
We will not be commenting further on the lawsuit and ask your understanding and respect for our family privacy at this extremely difficult time.”
— Andy Aldrin and Jan Aldrin”

NASA Watch founder, Explorers Club Fellow, ex-NASA, Away Teams, Journalist, Space & Astrobiology, Lapsed climber.

6 responses to “Aldrin Family Statement on Recent Lawsuit”

  1. Michael Spencer says:

    Ok, so what’s going on here between the lines? Has Buzz transited to a less than clear-thinking space- where so many of us will likely finish our own lives? Or are the assertions true? One would think the attorney would in some way advise him.

    Of course they should have privacy but this is weighed again the presence of a national treasure who it must be said isn’t exactly circumspect – this is the Buzz many of us appreciate and love.

    It’s a tragedy. I hope this behavior by Buzz is not prescient. On the other hand it’s also a family tragedy. The kids are taking the high road so may we all.

    Edit 10 PM Sunday: in light of the comments by Mr. Austin and others perhaps thr kids are right. And while I know that many share my own heartfelt concern and affection perhaps further guessing is less than helpful.

    I’m not a man who prays…but damn. I want the best for Buzz.

    • Todd Austin says:

      Michael, I saw Buzz interviewed at a public event several years ago. There were easily two thousand people in attendance. It was very plain to everyone that he was struggling to formulate answers to even very simple questions. It would be a tragic shame, and a crime, if someone was trying to take advantage of Buzz. I hope that his family and, if necessary, law enforcement, can take effective measures to protect Colonel Aldrin and his legacy.

      • Matthew Black says:

        When I saw the rather stilted and rambling appearance by Buzz at the Humans To Mars 2018 summit recently, I – merely a lifelong fan from another country – was rather worried about him. I wish nothing but the best for him 🙁

      • cb450sc says:

        I think I last saw him maybe 6 years ago (and spoke to him, he seemed pretty cogent), but it’s true that mental decline can happen pretty fast. The man is 88 now.

  2. Donald Barker says:

    Keith, can you provide some clarity here as you are following this more closely than most of us? Thanks.

  3. Paul451 says:

    The lawsuit makes a weird reference to Aldrin’s children “preventing” Buzz from getting married. Could that be related to one of the two women who seem to have taken over Buzz’s social media?