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Buzz Aldrin Is Suing His Family

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
June 22, 2018

NASA Watch founder, Explorers Club Fellow, ex-NASA, Away Teams, Journalist, Space & Astrobiology, Lapsed climber.

5 responses to “Buzz Aldrin Is Suing His Family”

  1. Matthew Black says:

    That is beyond sad! I remember reading that a similar thing was happening a couple years back between General Chuck Yeager and his family 🙁

    • fcrary says:

      I agree. Looking over the court filling, this is the sort of nasty, embarrassing thing which no one walks away from looking good. The plaintiff says his son, relatives and representatives have been abusing their delagated authority to help him manage his affairs, while also stealing from him, ingoring his orders to take back more control of his own affairs and defaming him by spreading rumors that he is old and senile. This may be completely true. But similar cases have happened when someone really is getting senile and a bit defensive or paranoid about it, and his relatives are trying to act in his best interests.

      I have no idea which is true in the Aldrin case. But this sort of thing is like a messy divorce: no matter what the court decides, no one walks away a winner. Having this happen to a national hero, and all the publicity that implies, amplifies the tragedy of the situation.

      • Daniel Woodard says:

        Apparently at one point he agreed to let family members take over his affairs, now he has changed his mind. It can be extremely painful for both patients and relatives either way. Ultimately a judge will have to decide whether he is mentally competent, and if not designate someone to take over his affairs.

        But as the population ages, with no effective treatment for neurodegenerative disease, this problem will become more common with every passing day, and many of the people affected will have no concerned family or financial resources and will end up institutionalized in substandard conditions or homeless and abandoned.

  2. fcrary says:

    Could you say more about “first”? The court documents were filled on June 7th, if I am reading them correctly. The first I heard of someone hijacking Buzz Aldrin’s social media account was your report on the 21st. I know this will inevitably become a soap opera, but I’m curious if the social media hijacking happened before or after the court filling.

  3. Robert W. Bauer, Esq. says:

    On June 7, 2018, Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin filed suit against one of his former employees and two of his three children after two of his children filed suit to have him determined incompetent and to establish a guardianship over him. Dr. Aldrin considers it unfortunate and discouraging that he has been forced into this situation. However, Dr. Aldrin knows this is necessary to protect his future and his vision for America’s Space Program.
    A full explanation will be forthcoming in the following days.

    Statement from Robert W. Bauer. Esq.
    Law Office of Robert W. Bauer, PA
    2610 NW 43rd Street Suite 1B
    Gainesville, FL 32606
    Attorney to Buzz Aldrin