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Webb Mission Updates

By Keith Cowing
December 26, 2021
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Webb Mission Updates

James Webb Space Telescope 26 December, 2021 Update – First Mid-Course Correction Burn Completed, NASA
“At 7:50 pm EST, December 25, 2021, Webb’s first mid-course correction burn began. It lasted 65 minutes and is now complete. This burn is one of two milestones that are time critical — the first was the solar array deployment, which happened shortly after launch.”
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope launches in French Guiana, Washington Post
“Tens of thousands of people have committed over 20 years or more on a single project,” Matt Mountain, an astronomer who is part of the team that designed the telescope, said at the telescope institute just minutes before launch Saturday. “And why? Why have they committed this time? We solve incredibly hard problems. It’s part of the human spirit. We’re curious. We explore.”

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