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Biden No Longer Gives All Those NASA Shout Outs

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
July 28, 2021

NASA Watch founder, Explorers Club Fellow, ex-NASA, Away Teams, Journalist, Space & Astrobiology, Lapsed climber.

2 responses to “Biden No Longer Gives All Those NASA Shout Outs”

  1. Nick K says:
    0 always willing to accept the attaboys but lately most have belonged to Space X in the human space realm. If it is successful Star Ship will be the latest in a string. And it could be a big one, far.more important than anything else in 50 years.In contrast Orion and SLS have shown what NASA seemingly can no longer be counted on for, even with plenty of funding. Its an exciting time in spaceflight, for the program, and maybe in history, but NASAs role is relatively minor.

  2. Todd Austin says:

    If Biden was to do this all the time, it would become sort of a running joke and lose its impact.