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The National Space Council Meeting That No One Is Talking About

By Keith Cowing
November 30, 2021
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The National Space Council Meeting That No One Is Talking About

Keith’s 30 November update: I will have an update for everyone at 11:00 am ET Wednesday morning.
Keith’s 30 November update: I just got an email invitation to a post-National Space Council reception by the usual big aerospace suspects. “Following the National Space Council meeting on December 1, AIA, AIAA, CDSE, and CSF will be hosting a reception at the Willard Continental Hotel. Proof of vaccination will be required. This is a widely attended gathering.” Funny how the White House and the NSpC can’t bother to tell the media or the public when/where/what/why about the actual NSpC meeting. But the standard after-party planning thing still goes on – even as a new pandemic surge looms.
The event starts at 1:30 pm ET. There will be a live webcast at Apparently NASA is not going to show it since there is no mention on their TV schedule. Or maybe they will.
Keith’s 29 November update: Looks like the National Space Council Meeting is being held at the United States Institute of Peace. But there is still no agenda, media advisory, links to webcasts etc. No mention is made at the Institute’s website. Apparently NASA Senator Administrator Bill Nelson will be there. They picked a fancy backdrop – just like the sort of venue that the Trump folks liked to pick. Let’s hope that there is actually some important content to match the photo ops at this impressive location.
The NSpC staff really need to pay a little more attention to the real world. Given the bad vibes that VP Harris has been getting about staff issues etc. – warranted or not – this whole space issue is going to rise or fall based on what media writes and how the public perceives what the VP’s office does with the NSpC. They should have started on 5 Nov to circulate memes, links to relevant events, Biden Administration policy synergies etc. They should have posted an agenda in Federal Register with 5 place holder bullet points. Moreover, the NSpC needs to demonstrate that it is worth the time of people within and outside of the space bubble that space is worth thinking about during a relentless global pandemic and increasing civil strife. We’ll see what they do. Or not do.
Keith’s 25 November note: On 5 November 2021 Vice President Harris visited NASA GSFC. During that event it was announced that the first meeting of the National Space Council under the Biden-Harris Administration would be on 1 December 2021. No location or agenda was provided. In checking the Federal Register since then there seems to have been nothing posted by The Executive Office of the President or NASA regarding any event having to do with the National Space Council. Usually such advisory events are required to give at least 2 weeks prior public notice.
The NASA Office of International and Interagency Relations (OIIR) makes no mention and if you go to their helpful links page, after months of pointing this out, they still have no idea where the text is regarding the establishment/operations of the National Space Council. If you visit the National Space Council Users’ Advisory Group (UAG) web page it is still in fossilized form dating back to the last time that the Trump Administration did anything. The UAG sought new member nominations several months ago but no one has said anything about when the new committee will be announced or when it will meet – if it will meet.
No mention is made at, on NASA TV’s schedule here or here, nor has any press release or media advisory been issued. Given that the meeting is supposed to be happening in a few days it would seem that no one at the White House or NASA is especially interested in telling people that it is even happening or what (if anything) will be discussed. Is this any way to develop a space policy?
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“IMHO … the National Space Council (NSpC) needs to make an attempt to put space – logically – into a larger societal context – and do so right out of the gate in the very first presentation on 1 December. This societal context needs to be one wherein we make big decisions – with big budgets – so as to do things (like space) – in a time of limited resources and societal upheaval. And it must be made crystal clear why we do these things in space i.e. to provide real, measurable value to actual people – not focus groups that PR firms create. The gee whiz, “exploration is in our DNA”, “isn’t space inspirational” thing works for a short time – but only on a subset of the populace. If the value of space, as put forth by this Administration, is not instantly obvious – and pre-briefed to cynical media/stake holders in advance – then the whole NSpC effort – and the Biden/Harris Administration’s chances of doing something valuable in space – will evaporate before they even start. There are really no second chances to get things right in DC any more.”
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