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American Astronomical Society's "Citizen Journalist" at Tomorrow's Budget Press Briefing

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
February 12, 2012
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Keith’s note: Among the “citizen journalists” at Monday’s press briefing on the FY 2013 budget will be Bethany Jones @AAS_Bethany_J (aka @AAS_CAPP, the John Bahcall Public Policy Fellow for the American Astronomical Society. You’ll note that she is being paid by an organization that has a vested interest in supporting funding for both Hubble and Webb – but also all other aspects of space and planetary science.
My favorite tweet of hers is from 1 September 2011: “@NASAWatch Where did you get this information? Or are you spreading vicious rumors?”. I wonder … will Bethany Jones ask a question regarding the funding of the Webb cost overruns or about cutting planetary science? Or both? You see, the AAS membership is on both sides of these issues – somewhat dysfunctionally I might add. Stay tuned. Too bad other organizations with interests in space policy are now being afforded this opportunity.
Questions at this afternoon’s budget press conference can be tweeted with the hashtag #askNASA NASA will try and answer some of them.
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