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Highlights of the FY05 VA-HUD Appropriations Bill, House Appropriations Committee

By Keith Cowing
July 20, 2004

“NASA is funded at $15.1 billion, $229 million below last year and $1.1 billion below the request. The bulk of these savings come from the elimination of funding for new initiatives. The reductions include $30 million for technology maturation efforts; $230 million from Project Prometheus related to Jupiter Icy Moon Orbital; $438 million resulting from delaying the Crew Exploration Vehicle; and $100 million from Space Launch Initiatives by accelerating the termination of activities. The bill fully funds shuttle operations at the requested level of $4.3 billion. The committee fully funds Mars programs at the requested level of $691 million.”

Link: Press Release

20 July 2004: Big Cuts to NASA’s Budget Ahead?

Editor’s note: According to CongressDaily AM “The House Appropriations Committee is planning to cut as much as $1 billion from President Bush’s budget request for NASA, as part of a $92.9 billion FY05 VA-HUD appropriations bill to be marked up today …. That total is $2.1 billion over last year’s enacted levels for the dozens of programs and agencies under the measure’s jurisdiction, and a $2.5 billion increase is pledged to veterans’ healthcare programs alone.”

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