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NASA FY 2006 Budget Request Increase 2.4% over FY 2005

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
February 7, 2005

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FY 2006 Budget Information (OMB)
FY 2006 Budget Information (NASA)
Detailed FY 2006 NASA Budget Information (OMB)
White House FY 2006 Budget Overview: Budget Overview: National Science Foundation and Space Exploration (OMB)

The President is requesting a FY 2006 NASA budget of $16,456 million, an increase of 2.4% over the amount requested for FY 2005. See table with budget comparisions, and out year projections (below) for additional detail.

Budget($ in millions)2005 *20062007200820092010
Science, Aero & Exploration8,9129,66110,55011,21512,21012,796
–Exploration Systems2,5683,1653,7073,8264,4745,125
–Aeronautics Research813852728731728718
Exploration Capabilities6,7046,7636,3796,0575,3675,194
–Space Operations6,7046,7636,3796,0575,3675,194
Inspector General273234353537
Unrequested Items426.....

–annual increases.2.4%3.1%2.0%1.8%2.4%
Emergency Hurricane Supplemental126.....

* -FY 2005 budget is shown in new budget structure for comparison purposes, and allocation by Mission Directorate does not include $426m in unrequesteditems to allow a direct comparison of content included in the Presidents request.

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