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NASA's FY 2007 Budget Submission to OMB

By Keith Cowing
December 8, 2005

Editor’s note: NASA is expecting to get the ‘passback’ of its FY 2007 budget submission back from OMB any day now. Traditionally, NASA sends the budget over to OMB sooner – usually in October/early November – such that the ‘passback’ happens just before Thanksgiving. Traditionally, someone at NASA is pouring over budget charts while their turkey gets cold. This year things were delayed by a few weeks. All of this stuff is hush hush, ultra-secret, embargoed, etc. What follows is a preview of what NASA might expect – given what it asked for in FY 2006 – and now, for FY 2007.

Update: The source of this information is one page within the handout version of charts shown by NASA CFO Gwen Sykes at last week’s NAC meeting. Curiously, while the budget chart was in the hardcopy I picked up off of the table outside the meeting room, she never showed this one particular chart during her presentation. I wonder why.

Source: handout presentation by NASA CFO Gwen Sykes to the NASA Advisory Council 30 November 2005

NASA Budget Request to OMB

(Budget authority, $ in millions) FY 2006 FY 2007 Deltas
Science 5,304.8 5,650.4 6.5%
Exploration Systems 3,228.8 3,839.3 18.9%
Aeronautics Research 807.4 694.4 -14.0%
Space Operations 6,557.0 7,228.1 10.2%
Cross-Agency Support 526.0 451.7 -14.1%
Inspector General 32.4 33.5 3.4%
TOTAL 16,456.3* 17,897.7* 8.8%

*numbers do not total due to rounding errors

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