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Canada Commits to the ISS but Budget Preview Looks Bad

By Marc Boucher
NASA Watch
February 29, 2012
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Canadian Space AgencyCanada Commits to the International Space Station Beyond 2015, SpaceRef Canada
“The government announced today that Canada intends to renew its commitment to the International Space Station(ISS) beyond 2015. Minister of Industry Christian Paradis made the announcement in Quebec City where the ISS Heads of Agency meeting is currently taking place. The news was expected but it took some time for Canada to commit, making it the last of the other participating nations to do so.”
In other news from Canada this week:
Canadian Space Agency Budget Estimates Before Budget Cuts Released, SpaceRef Canada
“According to Treasury Board of Canada Main Estimates for 2012-13 released yesterday the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is estimated to see its budget reduced from $424.6 million from 2011-12 to $363.2 million representing a 16.9% decrease in its budget. The CSA budget was already scheduled to be reduced to $371.1 million, a decrease of 14.4% according to the CSA Report on Plans and Priorities 2011-12 estimates released last year.”

CSA President MacLean Makes the Case for Canada in Space (Part 1 of 4), SpaceRef Canada
“At the recent American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting held in Vancouver, Canadian Space Agency (CSA) President Steve MacLean gave a talk titled International S&T (Science and Technology) Collaboration. MacLean did a good job of recounting Canada’s entry into space and the many accomplishments Canada has. He also made a few pointed remarks. In this multi-part article we publish the transcript of MacLean’s speech for everyone to read. But first a little background.”
Space Sector Gains Visibility as the Government Releases Details of the Review of Aerospace and Space Programs and Policies, SpaceRef Canada
“The federal government announced today more details regarding the earlier announced review of aerospace policy and programs. Significant among them for the space sector is a change in name of the review itself. The review is now called the Review of Aerospace and Space Programs and Policies instead of the previous Review of Aerospace Policy and Programs.”

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One response to “Canada Commits to the ISS but Budget Preview Looks Bad”

  1. Don Denesiuk says:

    It’d sure be a shame to abandon ol’ Dextre out there.