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Hutchison et al Wants NASA's SLS Design – Now

By Keith Cowing
August 19, 2011
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Sen. Hutchison Calls on NASA to Announce SLS Design Immediately – Don’t Allow Layoffs to Occur Next Week
“Today NASA is scheduled to formally receive the independent cost assessment for the Space Launch System (SLS) that was requested by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). I expect this independent assessment will confirm what myself and the NASA technical staff have known for many months – that the SLS plan is financially and technically sound, and that NASA should move forward immediately. “I remain very concerned about continuing delays. The 2010 NASA Authorization Act required NASA to bring forward a plan by January 10, 2011. The political leadership at NASA and at OMB has dragged their feet on implementation. After many requests for NASA to comply with the law, the Commerce Committee finally initiated a formal investigation earlier this summer. While that investigation is ongoing, I reiterate my call to NASA and the Administration to proceed with its SLS development program immediately, in compliance with the Assessment to NASA which confirms that NASA can move forward with implementation of SLS.”
Keith’s note: My question for Sen. Hutchison (and Nelson, Rockefeller etc.): regardless of what this NASA/OMB cost analysis for the SLS says, will you guarantee that the funding will be there to make it happen – all the way to launch? And what about the money to pay for the payloads that will be launched on these giant rockets – will you make a public pledge – now – to support full funding for them too? Of course you won’t. None of you will.

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