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Jeff Hanley Removed From CxP Management

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
May 27, 2010
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Internal NASA email from Jeff Hanley
“I’ve been advised by HQ that my services as Cx PM are no longer required, effective immediately. Dale Thomas will be Acting PM until something more formal is issued from ESMD.”
Shelby says NASA trying to ‘suppress’ Constellation supporters in ranks, Huntsville Times
“Shelby has grown increasingly frustrated with what he and other lawmakers believe is an attempt by NASA brass to kill Constellation even though the law says they can’t without congressional approval. Calling NASA’s own leadership “a key impediment” to the nation’s space program is another sign of that frustration.”
NASA ousts outspoken Constellation chief, Orlando Sentinel
“Bolden had little response at the hearing, but said afterward that Hanley lost his job because he was “conflicted” and had become a lightning rod for controversy. For example, one day after president Barack Obama visited Kennedy Space Center to lay out his reasons for cancelling Constellation, Hanley told his team to pour all its efforts into designing a test launch program for Constellation’s Ares I rocket.”
Hutchison questions reassignment of Constellation program manager, The Hill
“Emails sent to program officials last week indicate that NASA senior administrators were actively mandating de-prioritizing funding for elements of the program that do not fit within the President’s new proposal,” said Senator Hutchison. “I will be requesting NASA’s Inspector General to conduct a full and thorough investigation.”
NASA Gets New Constellation Program Manager, Aviation Week
“Thomas, a systems engineer who has been with NASA for 30 years, has been the deputy Constellation program manager since 2007. He is currently assigned to the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., but will divide his time between Marshall and Johnson in Houston, where Constellation is based.”
LeMieux joins call for NASA inquiry, Orlando Sentinel
“This is yet another example of NASA taking actions to cancel the Constellation Program, and that is a violation of law,” said LeMieux, referencing a provision that Congress passed last year that forbids NASA from killing Constellation in 2010. “This is a very serious issue that affects the future of our nation’s space program and thousands of Floridians.”
Lawmakers Questioning NASA Manager’s Removal, NY Times
“Mr. Rockefeller and Ms. Hutchison asked Paul K. Martin, the NASA inspector general, to “examine whether this or other recent actions by NASA were intended or could reasonably have been expected to foreclose the ability of Congress to consider meaningful alternatives” to the president’s proposed policy, which invests heavily in new space technologies and turns the launching of astronauts over to private companies.”

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