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SLS and Orion

Prescient Forecast – Or Drinking the Koolaid?

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
October 18, 2008

NAC backs Constellation and warns against change, Orlando Sentinel

“James A. Abrahamson, a retired Air Force lieutenant general and the chairman of the NAC’s Exploration Committee, praised the Constellation program to the Council at its quarterly meeting in Cocoa Beach, calling it the best program for the agency given its tight budget and schedule. “The NAC is confident that the current plan is viable and represents a well-considered approach given the constraints on budget, schedule and achievable technology,” he said. He said that NASA considered more than 1,000 different rocketship designs before settling on the Ares rockets and Orion capsule which are at the heart of the Constellation program. Any attempt to rethink the plan, he said, would be bad for America’s space program.”

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