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Yet Another Stealth NASA New Business Event

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
April 12, 2021
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Yet Another Stealth NASA New Business Event

IMEC and Cook County Partner with NASA to Bring New Business Opportunity Event to Manufacturers
“Cook County Board President Preckwinkle, the Chicago Metro Metal Consortium (CMMC), and IMEC will host a 3-Day virtual event with NASA and its prime contractors to bring new business opportunities to manufacturers in Cook County and throughout Illinois. In 2020, NASA’s prime contractors received over $2B in contract funding to support the Marshall Space Flight Center’s ongoing development of NASA’s Space Launch System and its proposals to create complementary systems.”
Keith’s note: If you look at what the Biden Administration is saying about business and infrastructure they have a page focused on Illinois. They have one for every state. They are looking to reinvigorate a broad range of activities in America – not just infrastructure but also basic aspects of business.
You’d think that someone at NASA HQ would be reading the policy memos from the White House as to what is important and worth promoting a visible way. This event sounds like it is resonating with all of these new White House efforts. You’d think that NASA would want everyone to know about this – and show the White House that they are on board with all of there initiatives – not just in Illinois – but as an example of NASA-related events that could be conducted across America. Guess again.
There is no mention of this event or associated activity at the NASA MSFC home page or on its Doing Business page. No mention at No mention at the NASA Office of Small Business Programs, or the NASA SLS home page, or at the NASA Commercial Space page.
As you can see below this is not the first time that NASA has bungled the outreach for the true economic impact of what it does.
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