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Another NASA Spinoff That NASA Isn't Telling You About

By Keith Cowing
July 11, 2012
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New York City plans to pay NASA $13 million to see if it can fix the city’s troubled emergency communication system, New York Daily News
“NASA’s independent Verification and Validation office, which usually tests systems for the space program, will be reviewing the revamped 911-system, the Department of Information and Technology confirmed. NASA spokeswoman Beth Dickey said the agency would act as “a second set of eyes…to ensure that what’s being built is going to function properly.” “Let’s say you have a satellite that’s supposed to look at the sun,” Dickey said. “What IV&V does is make sure that the satellite is actually going to be able to do that — that the software on board will make the satellite do what it’s supposed to do.”
Keith’s note: Yet another example of NASA technology (i.e. a spinoff of sorts) having use outside of traditonal space-oriented applications. Something for NASA to make note of. But has NASA PAO or CTO bothered to issue a press release on this? No, of course not. No mention at IV&V either.

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