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Bad Science at the Space Review

By Keith Cowing
November 8, 2004

8 November 2004: Vote yes on Prop 2001, The Space Review (Jeff Foust/Futron)

“The tests take one of the cells from the egg. If instead using the cell for genetic tests, the cell could be used to start a new line of stem cells. The procedure would be no more destructive than existing testing. A case can be made that it is the moral equivalent of a bone marrow transplant or a kidney transplant.”

Editor’s note: As a biologist I just shuddder when I see people mangle basic concepts in biology. In this case, Sam Dinkin tries to explain stem cell biology and makes one error per sentence in so doing. He then tries to link his error-prone primer on stem cell research to legislation to promote launch research. Next time do a little research before you write, Sam.

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